Diabetes & Balance

Medical device in order to improve the compliance and food supplements for specific nutritional needs and prevention of complications.

GLUCOSPRINT PLUS®: is a quick and efficient solution to treat low blood sugar level. It contains vitamin B1 and manganese that contribute to a normal energy-yielding metabolism.

INSULCHECK®: a technological device that gives a memory to the insulin pen. It indicates the time elapsed since last injection, without any risk of double injections or forgotten ones, decreasing the stress of the disease management   in order to ensure a good compliance. Insulcheck® is available in 7 models compatible with the following types of insulin pens: FlexPen, SoloStar, KwikPen, ClickStar, Luxura, Novopen3, Novopen4.

MULTIBETIX®: multivitamin food supplement, designed specifically for people with diabetes. Multibetix® does not contain iron, copper and vitamin K which can increase the risk to develop complications, if consumed in excess.

VIUBETIX®: specific food supplement for eyes with lutein, quercetin, blueberry, vitamins and minerals. It helps to maintain normal visual function

NEUBETIX®: food supplement that contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system

FINEBETIX®: needles for insulin pen which have the inner walls thinner than conventional needles, in order to feel a less painful injection. The Finebetix® needles are available in 4mm, 6mm and 8mm size, 31 and 32G.

UNISTRIP1: includes reimbursable strips, just like any other ones in the market, with the advantage that the person with diabetes continues to use the same glucometer.

Our Diabetes & Balance Products

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