“Reference company for people living with diabetes in their daily management of the disease.”

Unique products

Complete range of unique products and solutions for people with diabetes.

Tailored business model

A tailor made model according to local market needs.

Expanding network

Scientific and commercial training kit, merchandising and marketing support.

Research & Development

Post-sales support and sharing of worldwide best practices.

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The Diabetic Corner,
that will be tailored to your local market!

Exclusively dedicated to People with diabetes

Harmonium Pharma is the reference company for people living with diabetes in the daily management of their disease and prevention of its complications.


Medical devices to improve the compliance and food supplements for specific nutritional needs and prevention of complications.


Innovative solutions for the foot of diabetic people.


Products to prevent skin complications: lipodystrophy, injury to the fingertips and pain.


Low glycemic index food, tasty and easy to prepare.

Rooted in diabetes

We want you!

What do we offer?

Harmonium Pharma offers a customized business model, a focused approach and its close support to implement all mandatory steps in order to have availability in your country of a wide range of products and services for people living with diabetes.

What are we looking for?

Distributors that already operate in the pharmacy channel in their country and want to expand the portfolio of products and implement an innovative business model with a complete range of dedicated solutions for people living with diabetes.

An expanding network: become our partner

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Harmonium Pharma all over the world

Launch into the marketplace

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We want you!
Become Diabetic Corner Partner.

If you are interested in becoming Harmonium Pharma partner in order to have The Diabetic Corner in your country, contact us!


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