Rooted in Diabetes

Company Profile

Harmonium Pharma is an healthcare company based in Italy, focused only on diabetes, which provides products and solutions for the daily management of this disease.
Differently from other players focused on the management of hyperglycemia and on medical instruments (insulin, hypoglycemic, glucometers, strips, insulin pumps), Harmonium Pharma provides a range of products which help day-by-day people with diabetes to manage aspects such as hypoglycemia, lipodystrophy, foot care, fingertips care and prevention of complications such as neuropathy and retinopathy.

All these products are positioned in the Diabetic Corner and available in the pharmacy. The Diabetic Corner business model is available not only in Italy, but also in many countries: Harmonium Pharma is constantly looking for international partners interested in the implementation of the Diabetic Corner in their countries.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer a range of solutions that can answer to the fast-changing daily needs of people living with diabetes. To do so, in Italy we have created a network of players which work in the diabetes area, such as institutions, Associations of physicians and patients, pharmacists in order to catch and integrate the needs of each one. Our commitment is also to support the pharmacist in Italy in the evolution from the traditional pharmacy to a pharmacy of services, providing them with an innovative project such as The Diabetic Corner. This project brings a huge value added to the pharmacy by entitling it as a specialized space where a patient can find professional support, taking advantage of the territoriality and the proximity to the patient. At the same time, we build strong partnerships with recognized international players, in order to offer people with diabetes the best solutions currently available in the market.

Exclusively dedicated to people with diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease that impacts the quality of life and its daily management turns out to be difficult: compliance of treatment, frequent measurements of blood glucose, adaptation of insulin needs, prevention of complications and/or their monitoring, etc. In addition, the psychological impact of diabetes must not be overlooked: studies have shown that people living with diabetes can feel really down due to the heaviness of the diabetes complications.
Beside this, it can be sometimes difficult today for the people suffering from diabetes to know whom to speak to, where to find appropriate information and advice outside of the medical world in order to feel less lonely facing the disease.

Ugo Cosentino

Founder & President

Graduated in Economics and business studies at the University of Rome, Ugo spent a large part of his career outside Italy, working in the UK, France and the Netherlands in roles of growing responsibility in the finance area until his appointment as European Finance Director of Wyeth Animal Health (Fort Dodge). Ugo’s career then evolved in general management, first at country level (Italy) and subsequently as European President for Wyeth veterinary business. After Wyeth acquisition from Pfizer, Ugo moved back to his home country in the role of President and CEO of Pfizer Italy pharma business.
The future belongs to those who have the courage to pursue their dreams.

Harmonium Pharma story


The former President and CEO of Pfizer Italy, Ugo Cosentino, founded Harmonium Pharma, a new healthcare company, which combines the managerial experience typical of a large structure with the flexibility and the entrepreneurial spirit of a privately owned company. All this enriched by an absolute priority given to human values and team spirit.

Harmonium Pharma launched in Italy The Diabetic Corner, the first project of pharmacy dedicated to people with diabetes in Europe.

End 2014

End 2015

Harmonium Pharma launched the innovative Diabetic Foot Prevention Path, to prevent one of the most serious complications of diabetes, composed of an integrated path to reduce the economical and clinical impact of diabetic foot through a combination of screening, education and multiple preventive solutions.

Harmonium Pharma has more than 500 pharmacies in Italy with The Diabetic Corner and in the more than 30 distribution partners of the project worldwide.


April 2016

Harmonium Pharma creates Harmonium Innovation, a new company specialized in the research and development of new products and services in order to answer to the evolution of the diabetes market and the pharmacy channel and to continuously innovate The Diabetic Corner offer.

The web Diabetic Corner portal and its native smartphone application were launched. In addition to the Diabetic Corner Facebook Page, we developed the italian digital platform to instruct and train patients about diabetes, complications and the corresponding actions that can help in their management and improve the quality of their lives.


An expanding network

All over the world

Since 2014, the date of the launch of the Diabetic Corner project, Harmonium Pharma has build a network of pharmacies in Italy, which are spread over the entire national territory, including the islands.

Outside of Italy, the presence of Harmonium Pharma is constantly increasing: partners in more than 30 countries have signed an agreement for the exclusive distribution of the products in the corresponding markets.

Where we are

Harmonium Pharma s.r.l.
Via ​Arona 6
201​49​ Milano – ITALIA
Tel: +39 02 91575069

Harmonium Innovation s.l.
Calle Practicante Ignacio Rodríguez, s/n
35017 – Las Palmas de Gran Canaria