Diabetic Foot: a unique project in terms of prevention
22 October 2015
Cosmofarma 2016: Ugo Cosentino explains The Diabetic Corner model
21 July 2016

Cosmofarma: Pharmacy Management Award

Cosmofarma, the leading pharmacy world event in Europe, rewarded the Harmonium Pharma project as part of the Innovation & Research Award, in the category “Pharmacy management”, recognizing in The Diabetic Corner an avant-garde project for pharmacies, able to make a concrete contribution to the development of the service channel evolution process in pharmacies.

The Founder and President of Harmonium Pharma, Ugo Cosentino, expressed all his enthusiasm for this award: “I’m really proud that an event like Cosmofarma has decided to reward The Diabetic Corner project: we firmly believe that this initiative is such as to concretely support those pharmacists-entrepreneurs who want to develop their business from traditional pharmacy to pharmacy of services. The innovative business model of The Diabetic Corner enables pharmacies to differentiate in as much as it aims at offering on the one hand a complete range of practical help solutions for the everyday life of people with diabetes and on the other, a series of services for pharmacists and their patients: from scientific, technical and sales training for pharmacy staff to the possibility of organizing events for people with diabetes within into the pharmacy”.