Interested in the exclusive distribution of the Diabetic Corner products in your country?

The diabetic corner
Harmonium Pharma offers an innovative business model focused on diabetes and successfully up and running already in several countries worldwide, to be customized according to local needs for companies operating in the healthcare or pharmaceutical sector. Become our partner and implement the Diabetic Corner in your country.

What is the Diabetic Corner?

The first project in Europe dedicated to people with diabetes with products helping them in the daily management of this disease and for the prevention of the diabetes complications.

Launched in Italy first and subsequently exported in many countries worldwide, the Diabetic Corner includes a complete range of products to be positioned in the pharmacy and on the web through direct marketing: medical devices, food supplements and dermocosmetics studied with diabetes patients, according to their input and suggestions.

Harmonium Pharma is looking for distributors interested in partnering with us and implementing the Diabetic Corner business model in their country.

Become a Partner of The Diabetic Corner

What do you offer to our International Partners interested in this business model?

Unique products
Complete range of unique products for people with diabetes to help them manage the disease and prevent its complications, day by day. The products responds to unmet needs and most of them have no direct competitors. Our portfolio includes medical devices, food supplements and dermocosmetics.

Tailor made model
A tailor-made opportunity targeted to healthcare worldwide companies, build up jointly with Harmonium Pharma, according to the local market and to the most relevant needs of patients with diabetes. We propose an exclusive distribution of the Diabetes Corner products in each country.

Expanding Network & Portfolio
Presence in 30 countries with exclusive-distribution partners. More and more countries interested in the Diabetic Corner business model. New products in the pipeline based on diabetes patients inputs, by listening to their needs and answer to additional unmet needs.

Pre and Post-Sales Support
Support in the registration of the products and their launch. Scientific training kits for each product, merchandising and marketing materials, as well as commercial guidelines to support the implementation of the Diabetic Corner project. Post sale support and sharing of worldwide best practices.
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    • Distributors with a well-developed commercial presence in their market. Potential partners don’t necessarily need to be active in the field of diabetes as long as they work closely with the pharmacy/retail channel and have the marketing skills and organizational resources to launch this innovative business model.
    • Exclusivity for the distribution of the Diabetic Corner products in your country
    • Long-term partnership based on mutual trust and shared values
    • Unique products and services specifically studied for diabetic patients
    • Customized product packaging*
    • Training and marketing material supports for the preparation, launch and implementation of the project
    • Post-sales support and sharing of best practices between countries implementing the Diabetic Corner project
    • New products pipeline based on the continuous collection of input from patients and from worldwide partners
    • Good margins and profitability

    *for MOQ reached

    • Innovative Category Solution in the Diabetes market – The Distributor enters a growing competitive market with a unique category strategy in the segment.
    • Comprehensive Portfolio with Pipeline – A wide portfolio ensures coverage to many niches within the Diabetes segment. The Portfolio is in constant evolution (17 Products launched in 3 years).
    • Distributors back up with training and business model know-how – The Distributor is guided by Harmonium Pharma throughout the planning, launch and implementation of The Diabetic Corner, with training and strategic advice, based on our past and present experience.
    • Differentiating value for the pharmacy – In its local community, the Pharmacy with the Diabetic Corner is perceived as an active player in the diabetes segment, compared to the traditional Pharmacy.
    • Gaining the loyalty of current patients – Consultancy and support provided to current customers by both the Pharmacist and the Field Specialist (individual consultancy and groups events).
    • Acquisition of new customers – Following the adoption of the Diabetic Corner, new targeted customers are attracted in the Pharmacy with the Diabetic Corner because here they can find a better value.
    • Cross-selling boost – Pharmacists are trained by Field Specialists to quickly understand how to associate Harmonium Products Portfolio to the medical prescription

    The Diabetic Corner products

    The Diabetic Corner products help people with diabetes to manage the disease and prevent its complications. They don’t substitute insulin or hypoglycemic therapy: they are complementary because they support patients in case of hypoglycemia, for the prevention of lipodystrophy, for foot care, to remember the last insulin injected, to relieve pain in the fingertips caused by blood glucose measuring, for the prevention of neuropathy or retinopathy.

    They are efficient and easy to use solutions in order to manage day-to-day complications of the disease.

    Take the opportunity and join us

      *mandatory field