Diabetes & Balance

Medical devices to improve diabetes compliance and food supplements for specific nutritional needs and prevention of complications.

Our Diabetes & Balance Products

A quicker and more efficient solution to treat hypoglycemia compared to traditional sugar-based solutions. It contains glucose (Glycemic Index = 100), Vitamin B1 and Manganese in a liquid format for oral use, guaranteeing a measurable increase of glycemia without any rebound effect. Practical and easy to carry format.

Food supplement designed specifically for people with diabetes, containing many vitamins and minerals supporting the metabolism of carbohydrates as well as the vision, nervous, cardiovascular and immune systems. Compared to traditional multivitamin products, Multibetix® does not contain Iron, Copper and vitamin K which can increase the risk to develop complications.

Food supplement that contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system containing alpha-lipoic acid and many vitamins of the B group, including folic acid. Neubetix® helps the prevention of diabetic neuropathy thanks to the antioxidant action of its components.

Specific food supplement for the eyes containing lutein, quercetin, blueberry, vitamins and minerals. It helps to maintain the normal visual function and helps the prevention of diabetic retinopathy by protecting the eyes cells from the oxidative stress.

Versatile needles, fitting most commonly used insulin pens. Quicker and more comfortable injection thanks to the silicon treated needle, for a smooth and easier penetration.
Formats available: 4, 5, 6, 8 mm, 32G and 31G.

A technological device that gives a memory to the insulin pen. It indicates the time elapsed since last injection, without any risk of double injections or forgotten ones, decreasing the stress of the disease management in order to ensure a good compliance. Insulcheck® is available in 3 models compatible with the following types of insulin pens: FlexPen, SoloStar, KwikPen.