Oral Rinse

Specific Oral Rinse indicated for decreasing excessive salivary glucose
Medical Device ce-logo. Read warnings and directions of use carefully.
  • Against first warning signs of periodontitis (gingivitis, gum bleeding, gingival pockets, bad breath)
  • It counters the effects of salivary glucose excess
  • Including DUOX system, restoring mouth’s natural pH balance with antibacterial action
  • Strengthening action guaranteed by MPE and plant extracts.

& Balance

What interest for people living with diabetes?

Excess of salivary glucose can undermine the action of protective factors essential to the health of your mouth, causing imbalances in the oral cavity that can lead to cavities and gum disease. This scenario is more pronounced in people with diabetes, due to the excessive production of glucose in their saliva, and, if not properly managed, can contribute to the development of Periodontitis (up to 4 times more common in people with diabetes), and increase the risk of teeth loss. The range of products AnOxident balance® includes 4 medical devices characterized by a unique formulation, containing milk proteins extract and plant extracts, effective in promoting the regulation of glucose levels in the mouth, the natural activity of physiological antioxidant systems and the maintenance of the natural balance of the oral cavity.

What is it?

Formulated with a patented blend of milk protein extracts and plant extracts that complement the natural defense systems of your saliva, AnOxident balance® Oral Rinse provides physiological antioxidants and prevents periodontal problems associated with excessive salivary glucose on teeth and gums. The mild flavor formulation includes the DUOX system to help maintaining the natural balance of the mouth and promoting health and freshness in the oral cavity. Formulated without menthol or alcohol which makes it easily tolerated and does not burn. The formulation also contains Vitamin E, Vitamin C, glutathione and minerals, as well as fluoride, xylitol and lactoferrin-NFQ®.


Bottle 300 ml


– Sodium Mono-fluorophosphate 1.14% w/w

– Xylitol

– Milk Protein Extract (MPE)

– Cucumis Melo

– Milk Substrate

– Apo Lactoferrin- NFQ®

– Lactoferrin-NFQ®

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