Harmofine/Medoject needles have been developed and designed especially to meet diabetics’ needs, in order to support them in their daily management of the diabetic condition.
  • Painless: Thiner-wall needles = reduced stress for the skin cells
  • Silicone treated tip for smooth penetration
  • Adapted for children & young people (32G 4mm): shorter needles reduce risk of a painful injection into the muscle
  • Thin wall for a reduced injection time: wider needle lumen, quicker insulin injection, comfortable injection experience
  • Compatible with the main insulin pen brands


Diabetes & Balance

What interest for people living with diabetes?

Insulin injections are an integral part of the everyday life for people living with diabetes undergoing treatment to control their blood sugar levels. It is therefore essential for them to have the opportunity to select needles well-adapted to their morphology and that are compatible with the pen they are using.

What is it?

Harmofine insulin pen needles are suitable for the majority of insulin pens available on the market. Their small diameters, 0.25mm for 31G and 0.23 for 32G, ensure a painless and comfortable injection. The length of needle, from 4mm to 8mm, allows its use even for children.

Which references?
  • 32G 6mm
  • 31G 5mm
  • 32G 4mm

Box of 100 Insulin pen needles


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