Diabetes & Foot

Innovative solutions for the foot of diabetic people.

SKINBETIX: solution for foot care for the prevention of the Diabetic Foot complication. Its foam format provides a perfect hydration without greasy and an immediate absorption. It acts on callus, accelerates the re-epithelialization process of the skin and helps fight the signs of pressure and itching

DIFOPREV: a unique system for the prevention of the Diabetic Foot complication. Simple and practical to use, it consists on special rechargeable Meryl® socks, a high quality and antibacterial microfiber, soaked in an active ingredient, which ensures deep and continuous hydration of the foot skin. Wearing the socks, the active ingredient is slowly and gradually released for 72 hours (3 days). The socks can be washed at any time during the 72 hours, without losing their effectiveness. After three days, the socks must be soaked in the active ingredient. Melt the special capsule of Difoprev® in a bit of water and soaking for 30 minutes the socks. The socks are recharged and are ready again to be reused for other 3 days of treatment. And so on… Difoprev® is based on the innovative technology of transdermal hydration, Harmowear™ and it is a supported by more than 20 clinical trials

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