Diabetes & Foot

Complete range of solutions for the foot care of people with diabetes: from the prevention to the treatment of the early stages on the Diabetic Foot Complication.

Our Diabetes & Foot Products

Daily care for the prevention of the Diabetic Foot complication. The foam cream at 10% urea maintains the natural pH-value (5.5) of the skin, moisturizes it and enhance its flexibility and ability of regeneration. Immediate absorption, also recommended for the use between toes.

100% natural gauzes that allow an acceleration of the epithelialization process of wounds and burns of the skin, which usually requires longer recovery times. Attiva Plus allows a reduction of the times of healing of the wound exudate allowing free drainage and encouraging the migration of epidermal cells from the gauze to the center of the lesion.

Specifically designed knee socks with bioceramics: their properties protect the feet, improve skin’s comfort and reduce infection risks, by increasing local circulation and thermoregulation.

Innovative product based on a patented transcoutaneous transmission nanotechnology, for a deep hydration of the foot and prevention of the Diabetic Foot complication. Difoprev System contains 1 pair of preloaded knee-highs socks + 9 Recharges of 3ml each for a month treatment: the knee-highs release the active ingredients to the skin during 3 days, then they need to be reloaded with specific recharges (Difoprev Recharge).