Difoprev daily

Wear the prevention and protect your feet

The simple gesture of wearing these knee-highs helps protect your feet in everyday life and prevent complications of the diabetic foot. Difoprev® Daily has multiple beneficial effects including:

  • reduces pain;
  • improves local blood circulation;
  • helps the regeneration of the skin of the foot;
  • reduces the risk of infections and injuries;
  • improves foot thermoregulation;
  • features flat seams to reduce chafing and discomfort;
  • designed for daily use and suitable for all seasons.


What interest for people living with diabetes?

Chronic hyperglycemia may cause the development of serious complications such as neuropathy (dysfunctions of the nervous system), and arterial disease (reduced circulation in the arteries that carry blood to the lower limbs, obstructing the proper wound healing). People with neuropathy or arterial disease have a higher risk of development of ulcers and the Diabetic Foot complication. The Diabetic Foot is one of the most common complications of diabetes and consists of nervous and circulatory problems. The foot of a person with diabetes in a early stage of development of this complication shows already dryness and micro-lesions. Moving forward, it could develop deep ulcers with a high risk of infections, partial/total gangrenes, changes on the foot shape and on the way of walking. Moreover, the Diabetic Foot can also cause the amputation of some parts of the lower limbs or the entire of the foot.

What is it Difoprev® Daily?

The special Difoprev® Daily knee-highs continuously capture and reflect the heat produced by the body, which is essential for increasing blood circulation and tissue oxygenation, thus improving the regenerative properties of the skin of the foot. The bio-ceramic particles contained in the Difoprev® Daily fibers perform an antibacterial and anti-odor action, protecting the foot throughout the day. These knee-highs are also equipped with flat seams to reduce rubbing on the skin of the foot, often the cause of micro-injuries, improving comfort and fit.


Pair of knee-highs with bio-ceramic


5% bio-ceramic consisting of: Oxygen, Sodium, Magnesium, Aluminum, Silicon, Calcium, Titanium, Zirconium
95% polyester

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