Diabetes & Skin

Products to prevent skin complications: lipodystrophy, injury to the fingertips and pain.

COLIPEX: emollient and soothing treatment for the areas of the skin with imperfections related to multiple injections (lipodystrophy). The absence or lack of rotation of injection sites together with the reuse of the same needle for several injections can develop the appearance of deposits of fat under the skin in the injection sites. Colipex cream, used every day, maintains the elasticity of the skin and helps to prevent lipodystrophy.

DOLBETIX: the continuous measurements of blood develop calluses, lesions and thickening of the skin of the fingertips, making this daily moment painful and stressful. Dolbetix is ??an emollient and soothing treatment that hydrates, massages and refreshes fingertips of people with diabetes.

NEUBETIX ROLL-ON: a roll-on format solution to relieve skin discomfort associated with neuropathy. Thanks to its high moisturizing power, Neubetix Roll-On helps the treatment of pain and gives immediate relief and freshness. The massaging effect of the applicator ball exerts a draining action on the limbs affected

ATTIVA PLUS: 100% natural gauzes that allow an acceleration of the epithelialization process of wounds and burns of the skin, which usually requires longer recovery times. Attiva Plus allows a reduction of the times of healing of the wound exudate allowing free drainage and encouraging the migration of epidermal cells from the gauze to the center of the lesion

Our Diabetes & Skin Products