Diabetes & Skin

Products to prevent diabetes complications affecting the skin: insulin lipodystrophy, injury to the fingertips due to glycemia measurements and pain related to Diabetic Neuropathy.

Our Diabetes & Skin Products

Emollient and soothing body cream containing caffeine, collagen, elastin, carnitine, to apply daily on the insulin injection areas to prevent lipodystrophy caused by insulin. Clinical studies proved a significant improvement of Hb1Ac because of the improved insulin absorption in the treated areas.

Skin care lotion in a roll-on format for a decongestant and soothing massage to the fingertips damaged by the regular use of lancets to puncture the skin for the measurement of glycemia.

A roll-on format solution to relieve skin discomfort associated with neuropathy. Thanks to its high moisturizing power, Neubetix Roll-On helps the treatment of pain and gives immediate relief and freshness. The massaging effect of the applicator ball exerts a draining action on the limbs affected.