Decongestant and soothing massage to the fingertips
  • Soothing and emollient care, immediate relief effect
  • Counteract the reduced sensitivity of the fingers damaged by lancets after glycemic control
  • Reduces calluses
  • Minimizes microvascular injury
  • Reduces the risk of local infections
  • Urea and Aloe: local regenerative action
  • Unique and specific product
  • Practical use thanks to the specific roll-on for fingertips
  • Drainage and massage effect


What interest for people living with diabetes?

Puncturing constantly the fingers for the measurement of glycaemia leads to the thickening of the fingertips skin in more than half of people with diabetes. As a result, there is often a loss of sensation accompanied by pain in these areas, the formation of micro trauma and strong exposure to local infections.

What is it?

DolBetix is the first topical product specific for the prevention and treatment of injuries to the fingertips. Thanks to the synergistic action of its ingredients, DolBetix provides immediate soothing sensation of freshness and effective repair of skin damage originated by the repeated use of lancets.

How to use it?

Thanks to a metal roll-on applicator specific for the fingers, DolBetix can be applied several times a day as needed by sliding the roll-on on the fingertips.


Roll-on specific for fingers – 10 ml




Aloe leaf extract
Hamamelis virginiana leaf extract
Aloe barbadensis
Rosa damascena absolute
Butyrospermum parkii butter
Arnica montana
Vitis vinifera


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