Diabetes & Taste

Low glycemic index food, tasty and easy to prepare

COCOA and VANILLA MOUSSE: The Mousse is a food that can satisfy your desire of sweet, controlling your blood sugar and weight. Cocoa Mousse has a glycemic index of 16, while Vanilla mousse has 23. Both products are gluten free, low in fat and are high in protein

THE BREAKFAST: unique balanced mix of cereals and soya, which allows you to keep your blood sugar since in the morning. 30 g of The Breakfast provides 1.1 g of beta-glucans from barley (a third of the recommended daily dose), which contributes to the maintenance of normal levels of cholesterol.

THE PIZZA: thanks to its low glycemic index (50) and its nutritional profile, the mix of La Pizza is ideal for people who don’t want to give up the taste of carbohydrates and want to taste the most famous Italian traditional meal.  LA PIZZA is a convenient and fast preparation mix, ready in few minutes and also ideal for making bread and focaccia bread

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