Research & Development

Sharing of worldwide best practices

Harmonium Pharma’s objective is to be the referent point in the daily life for people with diabetes. Easier said than done? Maybe for someone, but not for us! All our efforts are oriented towards the development of specific solutions dedicated exclusively to people with diabetes.
How do we do it? With a unique methodology, which includes the patient and the pharmacist’s point of view in the development path of new solutions and services.
During events organized around Italy, we meet people with diabetes and caregivers: who better than they can tell us what patients need? In our research and development path, we include all other players of diabetes panorama that can give us suggestions about the best ways to improve our offer: HCPs, pharmacists, associations of physicians and patients, institutions. A big network to integrate all players’ needs. A huge effort. Hard work. But the rewards of this commitment are priceless.

Harmonium Innovation


Harmonium Innovation, incorporated in Spain and part of the Harmonium Group. is the research and development company of the organization. The mission of ​​Harmonium Innovation is to develop and provide the Harmonium group, its commercial partners and most importantly people with diabetes with a unique and innovative product and service portfolio to improve their quality of life and the daily management of their disease.


We aim to be the strongest innovation (Biotech) company offering unique solutions to the market, developing products and services for unmet medical needs and helping people to improve their quality of life.
We direct all our efforts and resources to developing and creating these solutions by listening to patients, understanding their needs and applying passion, talent and hard work to the service of our customers. We achieve our mission through strategic alliances with companies and teams that share our values and our goals. We believe this output can improve people’s life and we are proud of what we do.

Fernando Rueda

Managing Director Harmonium Innovation & CEO Spain / Portugal in Harmonium Pharma

Fernando Rueda has more than 30 year experience in sales and business development in the pharmaceutical industry, with particular focus in the diabetes market. He worked in major pharmaceutical corporations, specialized in cardio-metabolic diseases and diabetes, such as Bristol Myers, Sanofi Aventis and Novo Nordisk.
``We aim to be the strongest innovation (Biotech) company offering unique solutions to the market.``